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Human Group:

LEROC BIKES has recently been created by cycling enthusiasts and also senior experts in various areas of the business, such as product design and development, logistics and supply chain. The founders were the General Managers of other cycling companies, both in America and Europe before founding LEROC BIKES.

Mission and Vision:

Our Mission is to make possible that all the people could have better cycling products at a good price, and the more important that these products could bring something positive to their lives and also to the environment. Through cycling, we have the commitment to improve the health of the people by practicing this wonderful sport, and also helping the environment boosting the sustainable transport in the cities, helping to decrease the pollution. We have the Vision of a new healthy lifestyle that will drive people to a happy life with a deeper contact with nature, friends and family or themselves


Our values are to provide to the customer high end and sophisticated products at a good price through good quality of materials, the passion in the design phase and the close contact with the final client through a personalized after sales service. Our values become real as the founders of LEROC BIKES dreams with cycling all the time, so the love and passion for this sport is the key to the brand quality and the driver for new product development.